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Let us help make you the hero of your story....

At The Light Works (TLW) we use our guaranteed action plan, “Bring up the LIGHT”, to guide product owners to see through the distractions and focus on eliminating unnecessary costs.

Through this process our clients find product costs decreased and margins increased resulting in market share gained. Save the day using “Bring up the LIGHT” to transform your company into one recognized for low costs.

The Light Works will lower your product costs...


Arnold Walworth is the President of The Light Works, LLC.  Arnold is an accomplished Project Manager with PMP and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certifications.  Arnold has accumulated more than 25 years of experience as either a Project or Program Manager. 


Cost Out Workshop Facilitation - "Bringing Up the Light" is the cost out process he developed while working in the Lighting industry for more than 17 years as a Continuous Improvement Program Manager.  Arnold facilitated more than 200 Cost Out Workshops in the process of developing "Bringing Up the LIGHT".  This cost out process addresses both material cost savings as well as transactional cost savings!


Project Management Services - Special projects can take your focus off your company's primary objectives.  The Light Works can take those special projects off your plate. Whether it's managing a special project, facilitating cross-functional teams to identify cost-out opportunities, insourcing product lines, or increasing productivity through Kaizen events, The Light Works is here to guide you!  

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   Antonio Cano, Director, Continuous Improvement, Eaton Electrical Sector, Americas

Arnold is an amazing Continuous improvement leader with a fantastic teamwork approach. We worked together in many VAVE & Cost out events, Arnold always delivered great cost-out projects. During the time we worked together from 2010 until end of 2018, Arnold led the process to save several $ Millions in VAVE Savings. In addition, Arnold is a certified Project Manager and well recognized as one of the best VAVE program managers in the industry. It was an honor and privilege for me to work together with Arnold and learn the VAVE process from Arnold.


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